Welcome with the proposal  business cooperation with shoe factory ,, Anita As shoes “.

We are factory which produce slippers and clogs on the state-art Italian and German machines for production anatomic soles ,made of PVC and polyurethane .

Monthly the factory sells more than 100000 pairs of shoes in the Serbia and foreign markets that shows high liquidity of our production. The footwear of  ,, Anita As shoes “ is popular in Serbia,ex Yugoslavia country and a lot Eu contry too , so it gives you a guarantee that you will have high rates of sales.

Our common goal – to satisfy the need of any customer, attracting with the price and quality, and at the same time to increase the profit.

The main difference and advantage of our production is high reliability in operation at low price, and also monthly updating of products taking into account consumer demand and fashion trends. From the moment of the beginning of production (1995) at the enterprise about 5000 models are mastered. Such model range is capable to meet the desire of any consumer.

All footwear is made on the advanced import equipment only from the environmentally friendly materials and raw materials of import production ( pvc, polyurethane, fabrics, felt, etc.)  Concerning quality the enterprise keeps in contact with wholesale consumers of production and immediately reacts to all remarks and wishes.

Today any of the competitors cannot offer more favorable price of a product of such quality. Considering the fact that the consumer always pays much attention to the quality of the acquired goods, reasonable price and the wide range will promote increase in demand for production and the choice for the Anita As shoes .

Establishing with us the contractual relations, you attract to yourself new clients to whom the  Anita As shoes is already known. Also you keep the status of the company dealing especially with qualitative goods, at the same time increase the profit at the expense of low prices.

We shape shoes with love

for different ages, both at home and at work, as well as fashion, all with the aim of making you feel comfortable, beautiful and comfortable in our shoes. We look forward to meeting you through the use of our products.

Human feet are small masterpieces of nature that form a very complex assembly of bones, joints, muscles and ligaments connected in a very sensitive mechanism. Feet are extremely important.

The whole weight of the body relies on them, and if there are no correct points of support, that can pull the whole “army” of not at all naive diseases, from deformities of the spine, hips, knees and feet.

Current and interesting details on our shoes

we design and modernize ourselves with the most modern computerized embroidery machine ZSK manufactured in Germany. The advancement and development of the company Anita As shoes  is provided by the constant demand for our footwear, which has proven to be interesting, high quality and in demand throughout Serbia, which we have provided with an extensive distribution network.Decades of investment in development and market presence have contributed to the emergence of a recognizable brand with a recognizable logo and logo that accompanies our product (footwear).

Delivery of our products

We are able to deliver all the necessary and ordered quantities to you as soon as possible with a specialized delivery vehicle. Items from our range have already found their satisfied customers in the surrounding countries – in Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy.

We are able to offer you and them that the items are packed in a variety of quality packaging, so that both items and packaging are according to additional specifications of the customer.

Our sales department is open from 07:00 to 20:00

The highest quality materials from imports

which the company Anita As shoes  uses when making shoes for You – microtec, P.V.C., P.U., artificial leather , fabrics, eco-leather, leather – provide you with a modern look and design, comfort, a sense of elasticity and above all a healthy and anatomically correct gait.

Following the world trends, the company Anita As shoes  is constantly investing in technological and machine development, which is achieved by modern machines of world famous manufacturers, so that in our production process we use modern automated and computerized machines from Otto Gali, Desma. BGM;